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  • BEP 226 – Conducting a Job Interview 2

    Learn language for conducting a job interview.
    Lesson Objectives:
    Asking stress questions.
    Asking hypothetical questions.
    Echoing to encourage someone to speak more.

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  • BEP 225 – Conducting a Job Interview 1

    Learn language for questioning skills and how to conduct an interview.

    Lesson Objectives:

    Making someone feel comfortable.
    Asking open-ended questions.
    Getting someone to give recommendations.
    Getting someone to provide more detail.

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  • BEP 114 – Job Interviews: HR Review of Candidates

      In this lesson on job interviews, we take a look at the interview process from the HR perspective. Lesson Objectives Asking about differences. Discussing reservations. Addressing priorities. Discussing organizational fit. Supporting a candidate. Taking action A Brazilian business unit of fast moving consumer goods company Fun Beverages has recently interviewed several people for an […]

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  • BEP 113 – Job Interviews: Second Round Interviews

      In this lesson, we’ll review some useful second-round interview skills. Lesson Objectives Demonstrating that you are a good fit for an organization. Highlighting skills. Summarizing the discussion. Mentioning something you forgot to bring up before. In the dialog we’ll hear Sherry’s second interview with a big international accounting firm, Grimshaw and Keene (commonly referred […]

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  • BEP 110 – Job Interviews: Stress Questions

      In this lesson on job interviews, we look at how to deal with ‘stress questions’. Lesson Objectives Clarifying the question. Giving ourselves time to think. Ordering our thoughts when we answer. The dialog starts with a bad example. We’ll return to Michael’s first interview with the electronics store. Followed by a good example, in […]

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  • BEP 100 – Job Interviews: Salary Negotiation

      In this lesson, we’ll focus on the skills you need to successfully deal with a salary negotiation. Lesson Objectives Broaching the subject of compensation. Demonstrating confidence. Staying firm. Using a positive approach. Reaching a compromise. Fun Beverages International has already emailed an offer to Yala Santos for an HR manager position in one of […]

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  • BEP 091 – Interviews: Asking the Interviewer Questions

      In this lesson, we will focus on how to deal with asking the interviewers questions at the end of an interview. Lesson Objectives Asking general questions to get started. Emphasizing shared perspectives. Asking questions using softening phrases. Asking about a company’s strengths and weaknesses. Asking questions about salary and benefits. In the dialog, we […]

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  • BEP 090 – Job Interviews: Discussing your Weaknesses

      In this lesson, we look at how to answer the common interview question: What’s your greatest weakness? Lesson Objectives Identifying your weaknesses tentatively. Presenting your weaknesses in a positive way. Talking about ways that you are overcoming your problem. Demonstrating a positive attitude to finish. Talking about your weaknesses tests a unique skill: It […]

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  • BEP 087 – Interviews: Describing Accomplishments 2

      This lesson is the second in a two-part series on talking about accomplishments. Lesson Objectives Using a 4-step process for describing a significant achievement. Setting the context of your accomplishment. Discussing your role in a project. Describing positive outcomes of a project. Yala Santos is an HR specialist who is working in a manufacturing […]

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  • BEP 086 – Interviews: Describing Accomplishments 1

      This is the first in a two-part series on talking about your accomplishments. Lesson Objectives Using strong, vivid language to describe the skills and personal characteristics. Describing teamwork-oriented qualities. Encouraging interviewers to share more information. Summarizing your personal development. In this dialog, we’ll be listening to a bad and good version of a recent […]

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