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Delivering engaging business English courses that help learners succeed in the workplace.

BEcourse lessons continue to grow in popularity due to their engaging and impactful ways of effecting students looking to learn business English online. Not only will you learn skills – like making a presentation in English or doing an interview in English – you will also develop confidence for future business interactions with expanded vocabulary and listening abilities.

With the launch of Business English Pod in 2006, BEcourse founder Peter Atkinson continues pushing the podcast’s original mission to provide quality business English lessons for independent learners with a new online learning platform for delivering online courses in a self-study format.

BEcourse Lessons Provide Invaluable Skills

We provide online business English training centered on courses on English for conducting meetings, presentations, and interviews and business roles like sales and project management in various industries. With a wide variety of courses available, students can find the right fit that meets individual goals.

All BEcourse courses feature:

  • Multi-media business English lessons in mobile-friendly formats
  • Detailed teacher explanations focused on key language and vocabulary
  • Practice opportunities
  • Progress quizzes
  • PDF transcripts and MP3 audio for each lesson (downloadable for offline use)

Once you pass a course and corresponding quizzes, you’ll will receive a completion certificate to validate your business English course achievement.

Provided in a mobile-friendly format, students have the opportunity to learn with the materials on their own time and location. We also offer bulk discounts for teachers and schools.

How BEcourse Helps You Succeed

Every person learns differently, which is why we aim to support individual needs in the business world with self-study courses online. By providing presentations and other deliverables, we offer students the tools they need to not only grasp the main lesson but also understand key language and ideas as well.

We believe in motivating and rewarding our learners and encouraging engagement with the lessons. In our gamified system, students earn rewards by passing quizzes, completing lessons, and finishing courses. Once students begin earning points, they can receive badges and points for completing lessons and getting top scores in quizzes.

Why Students Continue to Choose BEcourse

Traditionally, online business English courses have been unorganized and outdated. Schools, teachers, and individual students need online learning lessons that provide quality, in-depth content over a wide variety of topics.

With BEcourse, teachers can confidently assign courses to students knowing that the content is authentic and useful for modern-day business practices. These classes help students prepare themselves for the business world to conquer common and complex problems that they may encounter throughout their career.

Business English Courses Designed for Self-Study

BEcourse provides students, teachers, and schools online business English courses that help people succeed in the workplace. By preparing for meetings, presentations, and more, students will feel confident with English communication skills in a variety of roles and industries.

By partnering with Business English Pod, a top choice for English learners around the world , BEcourse continues to meet demand by providing in-depth and business English training insights and results.

Ready to take the plunge? Learn more about the business English courses BEcourse offers.

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